AProPositive provides transformational workplace trainings, professional coaching, life coaching and consulting services.   

Engaged employees stay longer, avoid burnout and achieve more.

AProPositive integrates Positive Psychology’s evidence-based practices and interventions into workplace trainings and coaching services that foster well-being, engagement, productivity and success. The field of Positive Psychology was founded by Martin Seligman, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), who describes it as “the science of human flourishing.” We incorporate the themes of Positivity, Engagement, Relationships (Connection), Meaning and Achievement into practical tools and interventions to help transform workplace culture and support individuals.

Full-day, half-day or 90-minute workshop offerings include:

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INterpersonal communication strategies

Improve relationships through effective workplace communication strategies and tools. Advanced skills workshops are also available..

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Strengths and Work Engagement

Discover your own personal character strengths and learn how to use those strengths in the workplace to increase work engagement and improve team effectiveness.

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Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Dive into the world of emotional intelligence to gain strategies to optimize interpersonal interactions at both the individual and team levels.

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Effective Team Management

Explore team management styles to enable team members achieve their best performance while generating group synergy.

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Coaching Skills for Managers

Discover how to use a coaching framework to organize, inspire and lead your team to success.

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Conflict Management for the Workplace

Learn actionable strategies to de-escalate and transform interpersonal conflict between employees.

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Resilience Training for Employees

Explore and learn techniques and behaviors that lead to personal resilience in the face of adversity and change.

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coaching services

  • One-on-one Professional coaching

  • Life coaching - solution focused coaching to gracefully negotiate personal change and growth

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• Facilitation of strategic planning sessions

• Customization of training programs for your workplace

• Consulting on difficult employee issues