The Return on Investment of Positive Psychology Interventions

AProPositive inspires and trains individuals, teams, and organizations using the evidence-based practices and interventions of Positive Psychology to foster well-being and effectiveness. What are the concrete benefits for businesses and teams that take advantage of the strategies of Positive Psychology? Here are just a few examples of the return on investment:

  • Studies have shown that in business, increasing the happiness of employees raises outcomes, sales (37%), productivity (31%) and accuracy on tasks (19%) (Harvard Business Review, June 2011).

  • Businesses with high employee well-being also report greater customer loyalty, productivity and profitability. Additionally, Gallup studies repeatedly link positive outcomes to employee engagement—their day-to-day experience and enthusiasm for work.

  • In one study, Gallup found business departments in the top quartile on employee engagement averaged $80,000 to $120,000 higher sales revenue per month than less engaged units.